about me

mbak Dee, maaf kalo aku nyomot ga bilang2 dulu =) tapi boleh nyomot kan??

ok, let’s talk about me!

name : Ellya Khristi Hidayati

lahir : 4th September 1987

lahirnya di : Malang yang adem ayem

nicknames : Ellya, Lya, Hanin

screen names : dream-catcher

tinggi : berapa ya kira2?

berat : secret

kaki : aku punya 2 kaki dengan ukuran 39-40

piara’an : ga punya coz ga bisa ngrawat..but I love cat!

tattos : yucks! I hate it!

rahasia : ya rahasia donk!!

school : SMAN 8 Malang

r u friendly : rr..yes I think 🙂

do u enjoy getting mail : not really if I getting junk mail

what language do u know : Indonesia (of course), little about English, Java, Japan, etc.

been abused : dunno

does anyone know the real u : yes!!

what gives u peace : hmmm… *Loading*

r u living or just alive : how about both of them?? 🙂

apakah anda…

have a boyfriend/girlfriend : yeah!

pernah gak..

been in true love : Yes I think..

loved someone which made u cry : damn..Yes I did!

talk about someone : hehehe..

said u’d email/write/call someone and never did : hmmm.. *Loading*

said “I love u” and didn’t mean it : never

Gay, straight, bi, queer, confused or none of these : au’ ah gelap!

do u believe in love at 1st sight : not really


who is ur role model : au’ ah gelap!

who knows u better than anyone : myself

who is closest to ur family : sapa ya…

who do u talk to online but not at school/work :someone

have u ever lost a friend : damn..yes I have!

have u ever lost a family member : hikz..yes I have

do u trust others easily : yupz


do u have a homepage : maybe yes, maybe no =D

have a pager : nope

have a cell phone :yes

what is ur most cherished possession : secret

What is/are your..

fave tv shows : none

fave food : everything pokoknya halal n bisa dmakan =)

fave colour : blue!!

fave season : winter

fave holiday : all of holiday!!

fave saying(s) : Ukyuu..

fave time of day : In the afternoon..

fave subject in school : chemistry!!

fave memory : all my perfect moments

fave shoes : sandal jepit

fave Disney movie : lupa


have u ever walked in the rain : yeah!!

talked on phone all night : ummm…

stayed online all night : hehehe

done drugs : nope

drunk alcohol : nope

gone a day w/out eating : tiada hari tanpa makan =D

made prank calls : nope

slept all day : yeah.. I’m gonna be a sleeping beauty.. =p

killed someone : nope

been to a mosque : yes

been in a car accident : rr..nope

played a sport : not really like

deleted mail without reading it : oftenly! =D (only 4 junk mail)

do u read any magazines : yes

do u gossip : arrghh..sometimes

do u lie : seldom

what’s ur dream job : secret

what would u do if…

the sky were purple : hey, where’s my blue one??

the world ended tomorrow : meminta maaf kepada semua orang dan berbuat baik semampuku

u had a million dollars : kutabung =D

what is your…

most embarrasing moment : secret

most cherised moment : secret


will there ever be world peace : well..what do u think??

should marijuana be legalised : never!

do u think that God has a plan for everyone : of course!

what do u think of sex : beautiful in its own time (idem ama mbak Dee)


God : hardly talk 2 me

satan : always talk 2 me

horoscopes : not really believe it


what makes u laugh most : comedy films, my friends =D

what makes u cry most : ditinggal temen, dikhianatin, nonton KKHH =p

what do u love th most : My God, Allah SWT

what do u want to do before u die : minta maaf pada smua orang dan berbuat baik semampuku

do u want to be famous/what for : not really


do You Type LiKe ThIs : maksutnya??

would u rather be hot or cold : both of them =p

what is in ur room : hmm..television, radio, bed, pillows, teddy bear, etc.

is ur room clean : not really =p

what’s on ur desk : Arrggh.. books and some other things

do u have a nice stomach : let me see..

what do u think about in th shower : *Loading*

how many rings before u answer the phone : about 3 rings

number of…

times I have been in love : *itung dengan jari*

times I have had my heart broken : *itung lagi dengan jari*

hearts I have broken : emang ada?? =)

boys I have kissed in my life : o_0

girls I have kissed : o_0

piercings : yucks! never

tattooes : yucks! never


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