The substancy of darkness

Like thousand of demons fangs sink into my neck, I feel myself bleeding.

Getting numb.

And dying.

You fool, Asra! Why you choose the darkness as your nest? You may took the light instead of it!

Yes. Maybe I was wrong. And I feel more than pain. But this is it. I feel empty-coldy darkness of the life, and I enjoyed it. Bitter, yes. But it’s impossible for me to turn back.

You’re not yourself, Asra. You’re confused, eh? Come on, there’s always a secret path to the beginning. You can flee!!

No. If I take that path, I lose. I had lost, and I just want to face my darkness

alone. Even the pain is more than burn with the desire, passion, and greed from the humans,


will not…. away!

What are you waiting for, losers? You crying nut! You can do nothing unless with your friends, with your bodyguard!!!

Yes. I am alone. But I’m not a crying nut anymore. I am Asra. I must filled my world with some light from my eternal darkness.

I must survive.




Catched a small fragment of light, a bright light in the edge of darkness. I hope I covered by my light forever, but somethhin inside me feels it’s impossible. My world isn’t here anymore. A cold, darkpath of nowhere is waiting for me patiently…

written by Asra


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