Sorry, I love U

“A Story about Extreme, Death-Defying Love”

– This is a really sad love story.
“Sorry, I Love You” is a story about Cha Mu-hyeok (So Ji-seop), who faces death everyday with two bullets stuck in the head, and Song Eun-chae (Lim Su-jeong), whose chance encounter with him develops into an extreme love affair. (KBS)

Korean drama yang sangat melas T__T Ceritanya patah hati mulu hiks.hiks. Tapi yang jadi Mu-hyeok tampangnya melankonis banged, cocok banged bwat peran-peran sedih kya gitu ^-^ Hidup Eun-chae! Walo rada bego tapi tetep imut dan baik hati ^-^

So Ji-seop tidak jadi ditampilkan karena suatu kelalaian (huhuhu)

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