Would you stop to cry and screaming?
coz I’m not a God,
who can stay and listen to you.
I’m just an ordinary human,
who can feel bored and annoyed by your attitude.
I’m just an ordinary human,
who can’t always beside and listen to you.
I have my business, and that’s your business.
I have my privacy, and you have your space.
So let me stay here, just for a while,
until we’re calm down,
you’re ready to listen
and I’m ready to tell you the truth.

It’s not a pandora’s box,
it just my thought, written by me,
when I saw my world through my eyes,
looking by other side.
Do you know,
that everything’s beautiful, even that kind of painful?
nothing’s useless.
every sacrifice has its own meaning.
World and its life, have a dark and light things.
black and white.
it depends on your point of view.
what would you think, what would you do?
it’s up to you…

-OST of this time : John Legend – “We just don’t care” (ga nyambung? banged :p)

written by Ellya, 9th May 2007, 10:56 pm

seperti biasa, suka nulis yang aneh-aneh kalo lagi stuck. Hehe. Sori kalo grammarnya acak adul, secara masih kebawa-bawa waktu ngerjakan laporan Teknologi Pangan bab Baking and Noodle Making, in english pisan :p

NB : ada yang punya mp3-nya lagu itu? Share dunk. hu3.