Nyomot dari tempat uthie ๐Ÿ˜€

1] Go to http://thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi
2] Put your name in, and generate slogan after each question.
3] What to put for the Title, answer Question 17.

1. What do you say to yourself every morning?
Avez-Vous Un Ellya? (HAH, kagak ngerti D8)

2. What do you want other people say about you?
Ellya Saves Your Soul (HA! I’m your safeguard? 8D)

3. Someone asked you out, your answer isโ€ฆ.
Nothing Sucks Like An Ellya (kampretta…)

4. How would you answer a booty call?
You Can’t Top An Ellya (ow ow ow…)

5. How would you introduce yourself to someone you really like?
Good to The Last Ellya (*LOL*)

6. How would you introduce yourself to someone you dislike?
Wow! I Could Have Had an Ellya! (pede abis.. hahaha)

7. Youโ€™re in a conversation and you suddenly feel the need to pee, how would you excuse yourself?
Gonna Be a While? Grab an Ellya (hadohh.. GA MAU!! D8)

8. Your parents ask you why you got home late, you sayโ€ฆ.
Any Time, Any Place, Ellya (saenake dewe! :p)

9. Youโ€™re failing a subject, you sayโ€ฆ.
Have You Had Your Ellya Today? (yes, ma’am.)

10. The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
Get The Ellya Habit. (he?)

11. Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/herโ€ฆ.
Don’t be an Amber Ellya (he?)

12. Someone told you youโ€™re an asshole, you tell themโ€ฆ.
You’ll NeverPut A Better Bit of Ellya On Your Knife (*cetuk2*)

13. What are the best words to describe you?
If You Can’t Beat Ellya, Join Ellya (MAKSYIP!)

14. If youโ€™re going to have a movie about your life, the title isโ€ฆ.
Never Knowingly Ellya (*siyul siyul*)

15. Your last words before you dieโ€ฆ.
Think Once, Think Twice, Think Ellya (always think of me~ 8D)

16. Your message to a special someone.
Good Honest Ellya since 1896 (…semenjak aku belum dibuat? 8D)

17. Title of this post will beโ€ฆ.
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Ellya (tentu saja! *evil grin*)

Yak, Lebaran sudah datang, saya mohon maaf bila ada salah sikap atau kata-kata baik sengaja maupun tidak disengaja (yang banyak disengaja sebenarnya :p).
Mari menggendutkan diri, lupakan hal2 yang bikin stres, mari menyongsong apa yang ada di meja makan :p