Meeting and meeting. Met my new and old colleagues. Too many headache in the office, but keep struggling anyway. Received a letter. Writing a letter. Listening and humming: Adele, The Script, Tablo, Mika Nakashima. Had the superb dinner with close friends: ‘cumi-cumi lada hitam’, ‘seafood okonomiyaki‘, ‘fried chicken, french fries and chicken cream soup‘, ‘terang bulan ijo-with tons of ground peanuts, blueberry jam, meises and cheese-cost only IDR 8000′ (thx God I didn’t have any cheap food allergy). Well, I’m good on remembering delicious food :9

When I opened my fist, a handshake was welcoming me
When I opened my closed heart, when people’s applause was welcoming me
The wrinkles in my forehead straightened
And the sky was full of smiles
Exciting the smiley glands
I swallow a mouthful of happiness
(Thankful Breath – Tablo)

PS. The picture was taken with my old pocket camera, Premier BF-650 + Kodak Color Plus ISO 200 (Redscale).Β I’m currently writing an article about lo-fi camera & film but… I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Ada sesuatu yang menarik di minggu-minggu kemarin? Mari berbagi disini. Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚