Sepertinya saya lupa bagaimana caranya menulis tanpa syarat. Hidup yang dikelilingi oleh jejaring sosial yang lebih menyerupai mata-mata dan dimata-matai secara sukarela, dan ketergantungan yang tinggi pada pengakuan orang lain itu memang melelahkan. Mungkin lewat lagu, cara yang paling mudah untuk merefleksikan diri sendiri.

Seperti kata @sudjiwotedjo:

Lama-lama orang males romantis karena ntar disebut galau. Males peduli takut disebut kepo. Males mendetil takut dibilang rempong.

Did you? πŸ™‚

Jadi yang bisa saya lakukan hanyalah menyanyi keras-keras saat murung atau marah, dan seringkali lagu ini yang kebetulan diputar di playlist. Nadanya sih cukup ceria untuk menghapus awan mendung di atas kepala, bersama dengan lagu seperti Merci Lou (パルシールー) turut mewarnai hari menjadi jingga.

The only star fell down from the sky

It looked like it would fade into the night
I was alone; It was a long soundless night
That seemed like the last day of the world

I jumped out barefoot onto the veranda
And stretched out my hands towards the sky above
How many dreams will I have to pass through before I can meet you?

Right now, right now, I’m crossing the land of tears
The moon is so far yet so distant, just like you
If I believe in this feeling, will I see you?

If only I could protect both
That single lie and that single promise
In the same way

I want to change shapes and stare at you
No matter how many gentle words I forget

How many dreams will I have to pass through before I can meet you?
Right now, right now, I’m crossing the land of tears
Though there are no certain things here
I continue singing this common love song
My uneven heart feels like it will soon overflow
Right now, right now, I want to believe in everything

The sun dyed my dreams, and the morning came, the morning came

(Charon (カロン – Negoto)


2 thoughts on “Charon.

  1. o. ho
    I dont really care how people think about me. I just do anything as I please and feel awesome with that πŸ™‚ so if they call me as pathetic or galau or rempong or kepo or whatsoever, I just didnt give a damn about it

    because you are not you when you think every single word people addressed to you, sist πŸ™‚

    1. thank you, Mr. Kuro. Your words enlighten my mind πŸ˜€ I’ve been sick by pressuring myself, assuring that I’ve not determined enough to hard-working… which it means slowly but sure, self-mental-suicide. I hope you live well, too. And not getting depressed that easily πŸ˜€

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