Practice Being Human

I realized I had been scrolling not just to entertain but to shut up my thoughts. Why was I doing that? Why was I choosing the void?

Reading this quote on Practice Being Human. It says, “Practice Being Human is a small book about the experience of realizing that you are sleepwalking through life and deciding to do something about it. It’s an exploration of the decision I made to go off the Internet for one month and the things I thought about in the quiet. Each zine contains a unique list of thoughts, a number of individual hand-drawn and hand-lettered elements, and an adorable little stuck-on photograph of something I noticed while I was noticing things.”


Sudah ada niat sejak setahun yang lalu, tapi dengan alasan males gerak, dikelilingi surga wifi dan koneksi internet yang lumayan kencang walau tidak setaraf kecepatan cahaya, pada akhirnya saya belum berhasil melalui lebih dari satu hari.

Atau mungkin… saya terlalu takut untuk menghadapi bisingnya pikiran saya sendiri?

*kembali berkicau di Twitter, berselancar di alam feedly dan mengumpulkan bahan-bahan dapur ChefVille*


2 thoughts on “Practice Being Human

  1. hey, I kinda curious with this book. available in Gramed?

    I think I can’t separate myself from the internet even for a day since its even more addictive than sweet cold instant tea 😀

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