Few years ago, I met a digital time capsule. Since then, this time capsule is a good reminder from the past. I always hold my tears whenever I read those mails. A letter for the future, full of encouragement, kinda self-motivation for the better me. This year, I received mine on September 13, 2014 (I know it’s too late *cleaning dozens of junk mail*). I won’t tell the details, so here is some quotes for you:

“When you’re in doubt, in your lowest condition, I hope you remember that you’re strong enough to stand up and face your life together.”

“I guess this letter won’t enough to bring all out his kindness to you. In this moment, I just wanna remind you that for now, I’m happy for being the luckiest woman in the world, for having someone like him.”Β 

Yeah, this is a letter about my future-become-present husband πŸ™‚


Unfortunately, time capsule from OhlifeΒ will officially shutting down onΒ October 4, 2014. If you want to write a letter for your future self, you can tryΒ FutureMe.

Who wants to try?Β It helps you remember what’s happened in your lifeΒ πŸ™‚